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Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered

  • What are generic medicines?
    Generic medicines contain the same active ingredients as all other brands, which means they have the same chemical composition and therapeutic effect. They undergo rigorous testing and must be shown to be bioequivalent to all ther similar brand drugs.
  • Why are generic medicines affordable?
    The generic medicine manufactures doesn't invest higher amounts in developments, and reduce marketing expenses, manufacturing efficiencies, and insurance coverage contribute to make it affordable. These factors enable wider access to essential medications at lower prices, benefiting patients, healthcare systems, and society as a whole.
  • Where are medigen pharmacies located?
    Medigen pharmacies are located in districts and mandals of Telangana. We are also extending our store network. To know are in detail check out our stores page.
  • What are other products medigen pharmacy provides?
    At medigen pharmacy, you can get Generic Medicines, OTC, Cosmetics, Supplements, Health & Wellness, Surgical products along with general health check up machines like diabetics and BP check ups. To know more, check out our products page.
  • Can we take the franchise of medigen pharmacy?
    Yes, please contact us for further details.
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